Possible Dog Park Locations?

Location #1 - Eagle Rock Recreation Center

Location #2 - Richard Alatorre Park

Have you been to the rock? The Eagle Rock is located in Richard Alatorre Park at the intersection of Figueroa and the 134 Freeway, but unless you know where you're going, finding decent driving directions is almost impossible. The City's website has limited information (not even a picture), the L.A. Parks Foundation site has more, but still not a lot (and the location is wrong), so what is Richard Alatorre Park? According to Wikipedia, Richard Alatorre was one of the most influential Latino politicians in California during his time on the State Assembly (1973 to 1985) and then City Council District 14 (1985 to 1999), and the park was named in honor of him. The park is un-staffed, it's street parking, and its entrance is unclear (a break in the wooden fence). Once you step through however there are a few picnic tables and the entrance to The Eagle Rock Canyon Trail, a mile long loop that is owned and maintained by CERB. Some say that an off-leash dog area was originally proposed for the park, but with CERB's acquisition of the trail in 2007 and the difficulty to get to the area, we're not so sure it's all that suitable.

Location #3 - Yosemite Recreation Center - Unfortunately a no go!

Yosemite Recreation Center would be a great location for a number of reasons - it's centrally located and therefore more easily walkable; there is a significant underused or underutilized space behind the swimming pool; bringing more residents to the area may thwart the loitering and tagging by the unsavory element the park attracts. However, the park is located right next to a number of residences so noise in particular could be an issue, plus parking is somewhat limited (as it is in most of Los Angeles is seems). We reached out to and talked with a number of the direct residents and though there were those in favor of the park, we don't believe the location would be the best option.