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9:30 am – 12:30 pm, Eagle Rock Recreation Center

Team Huizar and Dogs of the Rock present Activities, Adoptions, Booths and Groundbreaking Ceremony at 10:30 am

[note: date change - we apologize for lack of update here]

Over 2,000 signatures collected and presented to Councilman Huizar's office!

Local businesses show support (including holding an art show!)

Los Angeles City Council motion passed to look in to park options and funding!

Councilman Huizar first announces the park is coming at TERA's State of the Town in February 2016

Los Angeles City budget announced - cash for our park is sadly absent

Dogs of the Rock rallies residents to write emails of support and
show up at Budget & Finance Committee to voice support

May 19, 2016 - Councilmen Jose Huizar announces Eagle Rock Dog Park is A GO!!!

October 5, 2016 Community Meeting #1 with Park Designer Craig and Council Office

November 10, 2016 Dog Park Design Community Meeting #2

April 21, 2018 Groundbreaking!!!!

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 Leanna and her pups!

Leanna and her pups!

A huge THANK YOU to
Leanna Lin's Wonderland &
Supahcute for the
PAWS Art Show.

I am a resident a Eagle Rock and a dog owner. I think it is a fabulous idea to have a dog park in our community.
— Vivian M.
My Pups have oodles of energy. It would be great for them to have a place to release it and socialize. Everything I read suggests behavior in the house would improve as a result. I’m all for that!
— Brittney H.
A park here in Eagle Rock is a fantastic ideal! Where do I sign?
— Esy M.